How Your Relationship With Mom Can Change Over Time

1. Before, moms had to make sure their kids were warm, and now it’s their turn to make sure their moms don’t catch a cold. 

2. Before, moms taught their children how to use a pencil. Now, it’s them teaching their moms how to use a cell phone.

3. As teenagers, the relationship with moms used to be kind of stormy, but now they’ve become best friends.

4. Before, mothers took their children to the doctor, and now it’s them taking their moms in when they’re not feeling great.

5. Before, mothers took their children to the store to buy clothes, but now children teach them how to buy clothes online.

6. Before, mothers would find keys and other missing belongings. Now, children find the items that moms lose.

7. Before, mothers used to ask their children to call them when they arrived somewhere, but now it’s their children who ask them to call when they get home.

8. Before, moms used to comb their daughters’ hair. Now, their daughters comb theirs.

9. Before, moms begged their children to eat enough fruits and vegetables. Now, it’s their children asking them to eat healthily.



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