Best 5 Spots to Spritz With Perfume and Not

1. Spray behind the knees.

It would possibly appear a piece complex to use at first, however spraying at the back of your knees (while they’re exposed) will virtually pay off. There’s a pulse factor there to be able to do wonders. For even higher results, spray fragrance proper after getting showered and after you’ve carried out lotion.

2. Spray it between the inner thighs.

While it’s particularly risky to spray fragrance across the non-public areas, you could nevertheless accomplish that among the internal thighs. The warmness will increase the aroma and it'll ultimate the entire day. Plus, whilst you hug someone, you won’t depart your heady fragrance on them.

3. Spray it on the cleavage.

If your clothes reveal your chest, it’s worth it to consider applying a light spritz there. It might not be as strong as it is on the wrists, but it will result in a subtle fragrance.

4. Spray it on your stomach.

Take gain of carrying garments that monitor your stomach. Using fragrance there'll assist you out via your whole night, leaving you smelling irresistible.

5. Don’t spray it on your armpits.

The armpits’ sweat glands will react with the fragrance that may motive a burning sensation and itching. Aside from that, even in case you do follow it there, you won’t have top results.



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