10 Differences Between Men and Women

1. Men and women dress in a different sequence.

Very few human beings be aware this fact. But it's pretty thrilling that ladies are used to dressing from pinnacle to bottom – first a shirt or a blouse observed by way of pants or a skirt. Men are used to putting on socks and jeans first, and best then do they placed on a shirt or a T-blouse.

2. Women are less inclined to take risks.

Women have usually been idea of as the "caregivers." That's why they have a tendency to be extra worried about others. Men, however, love taking dangers and there's very little that can stop them. "You only stay once," is usually now not a word that results in any good.

3. Women eat around 4.5 lb of lipstick during their lives.

It is well known that women eat lipstick together with their food and drinks. Scientists have found out that women eat around 4.5 lb of this popular cosmetic product during their lives.

4. Women love cooking for their men.

Girls have this thing: when they have a boyfriend, they begin feeding him very well. Such behavior can be because of their wish to expose how good they're at being housewives. There is likewise an opinion that other girls won't pay that much interest to a man if he is a bit plump. His lady friend won't love him any less, however other girls won't be that interested by him.

5. Women put a lot of effort into going down the stairs in high heels.

Many guys note how odd it appears when ladies go down the steps in excessive heels. They do it sideways and very carefully. This is because it's very tough to move down the stairs and that's why you should never make a female rush in this situation.

6. Shaking hands with a women is different from shaking hands with a man.

When 2 guys shake hands, they do it firmly and they really shake their hands. But when a female shakes hands, she just offers a person her hand but she doesn't circulate it. She keeps her hand motionless. It's difficult to say what this means, however perhaps it's because a handshake isn't the method girls usually pick out to greet someone.

7. Alcohol and women are a heck of a mixture.

Women get inebriated much quicker than men. This is a famous fact, however very few humans understand the actual purpose for that. Well, this is pretty simple: the female body doesn't fight alcohol in addition to the male body, that is why the effect takes place quicker. There is a unique enzyme that fights alcohol and it destroys alcohol earlier than it gets into the blood. Women have much less of that enzyme and that's why extra alcohol receives into the bloodstream inside the same time period. Men are stronger in this respect.

8. Women view the world on a brighter spectrum.

It has been scientifically proven that women can differentiate more colors than men due to their genes. This is why men often get mad when a girl is trying to prove that there is a difference between purple and the color eggplant.

9. Women have a better sense of smell.

The reason why girls love flowers so much is that their sense of smell is much more developed. And this is because their genes make women more sensitive to smells.

10. The female body changes more often.

The girl body is very unique. Unlike the male body, it changes quite a few times during a woman's life. Female puberty starts some years earlier than male puberty. When a girl will become an adult, her hips come to be round. This takes place for one purpose – to allow sufficient space for childbirth.



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