The 10 Incredible Colors Combos That Most Girls Think Nothing Of It

1. Yellow + blue 

The mixture of saturated yellow and shiny blue seems bold however if you try to integrate pastel sunglasses, it will look softer. Dark shades of blue and deep shades of yellow appearance good collectively as well. 

2. Blue + red 

Any colors can be combined if they’re of the same saturation level. For example, bright red and bright blue look perfect together. 

3. Blue + green 

Colors of one temperature go well with one another. For example, warm shades of blue and green or cooler shades of the same colors look good together. 

 4. Yellow + purple

Very few humans dare to wear purple and yellow combinations. Perhaps that’s because clothing bearing these colors constantly attract attention! 

5. Pastel blue or purple + soft pink 

With a combination of soft shades of pink, purple, and blue, you can achieve airy, feminine looks. 

6. Green + red 

Green and red look very bright when put together, and it’s considered to be one of the most contrasting combinations around. 

7. Green + purple 

In the clothing set in the left picture, the colours are greater muted and darkened. In the second one picture, the colors are lighter and extra pastel. Thanks to the colors being of similar saturation, each sets appearance nice.

8. Orange + blue


The blue-orange combination can look very daring and cute — it just depends on the color saturation. Bright colors inside the first look make it formidable and a bit defiant, even as the pastel shades in the second photograph add a few tenderness to the appearance. 

9. Pink + green 

Just like red, the color pink goes well with light green. No matter how much of these colors are used in your look, the combination always looks lively and fresh. 

10. Blue or dark blue + purple 

Blue and purple match well with every other as long as you operate the colours of a comparable temperature and saturation. The example above shows how coloration impacts the notion of a look. Warmer, lighter shades make the entire image appear lighter, at the same time as cooler, muted colorings make the look extra restrained and official.



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