13 Low Tricks To Keep Your Home In Good Order

1. Use a hanger to make a hanging roll holder. 

2. Use broken hangers to add a new drawer for vegetables to the refrigerator. 

3. You can even use the same trick to organize the drawers of your wardrobe. 

4. Place clips on a desk’s edges to keep your cables organized. 

5. Use cardboard rolls left from toilet paper to store cables in a drawer. 

6. By using adhesive hooks, you can prevent the garbage bag from falling off when it’s full. 

7. The same type of hooks can be used to save space when storing lids. 

8. Use an egg carton as an organizer for your refrigerator. 

9. By placing marbles in between 2 overlapping plates, they can be turned into a convenient rotary device. 

10. Use a mop cloth to make cleaning slippers. 

11. You can also use curtain rings to hang scarves and handkerchiefs. 

12. If your closet is too full, using the ring from a can to hang more hooks will help you save space. 

13. Place elastic bands on the ends of a hook to prevent clothes from slipping and falling.



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