Top 10 Sweet Reasons Why Dakota Johnson Loves His Former Grandfather Antonio Banderas So Bad

1. Antonio considers Dakota his daughter.

Dakota was born into the circle of relatives of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson in 1989 — via the way, her parents commenced dating whilst Melanie turned into 14 and Don became 22. They married twice — in January 1976 (and divorced in July of that year) and in 1989, Dakota became born throughout this marriage. In 1996, while Dakota turned into 6 years old, they divorced. Same year, on the set of the movie Two Much, Melanie met Antonio Banderas, they were given married and lived together till December 2015.

 Antonio constantly speaks warmly about his love closer to Dakota, calling her his daughter. Johnson also opened up, announcing that Banderas is genuinely one in all the maximum influential people in her life, that he brought an entire new international of creativity and tradition into the family. 

2. Now Dakota has a half-sister — Stella Banderas. 

In 1996, Banderas and Griffith welcomed their daughter Stella del Carmen Banderas, who's 7 years more youthful than Dakota. Dakota also unfolded that she`s grateful to her stepfather for her younger sister and known as her “magical”. 

3. Dakota’s first red carpets were in his company.

From a young age Dakota participated in social events and appeared on red carpets with her movie star parents, she even attended the Oscars with them when she was 10 years old! The photo above pictures them at the ceremony in 2000.

4. Antonio put Dakota in his first movie.

In 1999, at the age of 9, Johnson got her first role in the movie Crazy in Alabama, where she and her younger sister Stella played the daughters of the main character Lucille Vinson (played by Melanie Griffith). The film was directed by her then stepfather Antonio Banderas.

5. Banderas convinced her to graduate school before starting acting.

In 2016, Dakota Johnson gave an interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael and shared that, notwithstanding her early debut in the Banderas film Crazy in Alabama, both Antonio and Melanie discouraged her from acting until she graduated from high school. Both Banderas and Griffith additionally first completed school. So Johnson didn’t begin auditioning in Los Angeles until after she graduated from high school. 

6. Dakota now understands Spanish.

Dakota once admitted that with Antonio, Spain got here to the family, alongside with first rate Spanish relatives, flamenco and, of course, Spanish. Johnson stated in an interview that she flawlessly is aware the language, but does not speak it fluently, so when performing on Spanish language tv shows, she works with a translator.

7. Antonio shared that Dakota was one of the reasons his marriage was worth it.

Sometimes the divorce process is so complex that it can invalidate the marriage itself. But that has nothing to do with the Banderas-Griffith family — the actor recently admitted that Dakota still means a lot to him and that his marriage to Melanie Griffith was all worth it for many reasons, including Dakota. 

8. Even after the divorce, the whole family maintains a warm and close relationship.

Maybe it’s due to the fact Antonio is Spaniard and that they have one of a kind traditions approximately breakups in Spain, or maybe it’s that each actors had already been married before, but Melanie and Antonio, in addition to their children, nonetheless maintain a totally heat and friendly relationship. Antonio said that despite the fact that Melanie is not his wife anymore, he nevertheless considers her his excellent friend, and nonetheless his family.

9. They share a cool hobby — they all love skiing!

The whole family, including Antonio, Dakota, and Stella, have been seen many times over the years in Aspen, Colorado on ski vacations. Numerous paparazzi photos confirm this.

10. He was her stepdad for nearly 20 years.

Antonio married Dakota’s mother in 1996, when Dakota was 6 years old. He remained her stepfather for almost 20 years, and even after the divorce in 2015, Banderas still plays an important role in her life.

The well-known actor unfolded that he’s been with younger Dakota on his shoulders, traveling all around the world. And Johnson, throughout her touching tribute speech, shared that Antonio loved the whole family so fiercely, so huge and so loud, that it changed their lives forever.



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