7 Tips: Home Haircut

1. Gather your supplies. 

Don’t bypass the basics. This may appear like an apparent piece of advice, however just as an example, recollect that even something as simple as dull scissors could harm your hair, so it’s higher to have sharp ones no matter what sort of hair you have. You would possibly even want to recall buying expert scissors. 

Depending for your hair type, the device needed might also vary. For example, a wide-enamel comb works satisfactory on curly hair and a fine-teeth one works on straight hair and requires extra precision. Same goes for scrunchies or clips that you can use to phase hair easily. Clips let you gain precision when reducing directly hair with less volume. 

Here’s a list of items you might need: 
  • Sharp scissors
  • Comb(s)
  • Scrunchies and/or clips
  • Spray bottle
  • Towel(s) 
Remember: If you have got hair with a number of texture, it’s less difficult to cut it dry to ensure you don’t reduce too much in view that curly hair is longer and less fluffy whilst it’s wet. You also can attempt spraying it with water. 

2. Think about what you want to do and what you can do.

If you just need to shorten your ponytail or cut break up ends, and you've directly hair, a little is going a long way. Analyze the fundamental trends of your cutting-edge haircut and then pass without delay to point 3, maintaining in mind that it’s better to cut half of a centimetre much less than what you had in thoughts. That manner your stylist can even nevertheless have enough duration to work with in case something is going wrong. 

If you have a layered haircut, or wavy or curly hair and you need to loosen up your cut and create motion, start by studying your current haircut and the movement of your hair, then visit point 4.

If you’re considering doing an severe makeover, think twice. Evaluate whether you have the skills and/or boldness to do it yourself. If you decide to move for it, think about what reduce fits you, in preference to how properly a reduce looks on others. Also, keep in mind that a few cuts would possibly adapt simpler to your hair type, face type, or even frame type.

3. If you don’t have layers, you can shorten your ponytail.

Start through combing your hair properly, to make sure you haven't any knots when cutting. Try your normal combing technique, however also, try leaning over and completing by combing your hair from lower back to front to put off knots within the returned and put your hair into a ponytail.

Then, use a ruler as a manual to decide how a good deal you’d like to cut and use your fingers or a hair clip to mark the length. Once again, recollect that a little goes a protracted way. 

Use your scissors to reduce. Dry bits and ends are often cut the use of the point cut technique, to prevent blunt edges, however if that’s not your thing, you may reduce horizontally.

4. If you do have layers, start by using a front section to create a guide.

You’ve now combed your hair, you haven't any knots, and you’ve analyzed the natural motion created by means of your layers. Start with the the front layer, phase it, and twist it to create a more herbal effect. Use your palms as courses and pinch your hair to mark the particular length that you want.

5. Cut vertically for a softer finish and horizontally for blunt edges.

Using scissors at an attitude will assist you recreate a natural effect, in addition to cut the twisted hair. If you chop horizontally, you risk having very “squared-off” layers. Once reduce, you’ll have a guide that will help you decide the length of the relaxation of the sections you’ll work on.

6. Using guides as a reference, take small sections of hair and cut.

Now divide your hair into small sections the usage of clips (or scrunchies, if needed). Follow the layers your hair already has. Remember to reduce at an angle. 

7. Point cut the split ends upward.

Once you’re accomplished with the the front section, you can cope with the split ends, dry bits, and less layered sections. You might do not forget how stylists regularly end by choosing the ends of your hair to point cut them. Do the equal by reducing your ends along with your scissors, pointing in the direction of the floor, to observe the path of your hair, like within the instance above.



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